Forex trading education video: Drilling down into your trading decision

Author: Greg Michalowski | Category: Education

What does is the technical pictures say about the GBPUSDs story.

The GBPUSD has moved higher over the last two days, but the ride has been up and down.  Nevertheless, the technical pictures tell a story about that price action. 

That story follow a few chapters. 

  • The first chapter is from the perspective of the broader daily chart,
  • The second chapter drills down into the hourly chart where traders can define the action more clearly,
  • The 3rd and final chapter looks at the fine details and develops the story further by looking at the price action from the 5 minute chart.
Each of those chapters in the story, paint a clearer picture.

The market has broken as the video has been produced on the Brexit news - so the horse has sorta left the barn.  Nevertheless, the educational aspects of the trading process, remains and is repeatable over and over again. 

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