Forex trading video: The alternative facts in your forex trading

Author: Greg Michalowski | Category: Education

...and how to sift through them

The phrase "alternative facts" are the latest and greatest buzz words thanks to Pres. Trumps counselor, Kellyanne Conway.  

The phrase is misleading in certain situations. How can there be alternative facts with regard to crowd size or something that is fairly obvious from a visual observation (or even factual information).

However, in trading there are alternative facts nearly all the time.  One trader is bullish the dollar for these reasons. Another is bearish the USD for these other reasons.  They both can make compelling cases for their fundamental view!   They have alternative facts.  

One way around the dilemma, is to use price action and apply technical tools to it. That should create a picture that shows if the buying crowd is winning or the selling crowd is winning.  

As Adam independently points out in his post, ""A major helping hand is the technicals. At times the market ignores technicals but this isn't one of those times. Watch the charts closely. "  In other words, the charts are able to work you through the alternative facts from the fundamental picture.

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