What is your most inspiring trading mantra?

Author: Ryan Littlestone | Category: Education

Do you have a motto or saying that you apply to your trading?

All through life we can probably remember those single moments where a word or phrase given to us by more experienced people stuck in the mind and became part of our make up.

I can pick out a handful of events during my life that helped mould me and my way of thinking into who I am now. I was fortunate enough to learn from, and be guided by, some of the brightest traders in the business and there's one saying that sticks out relating to trading;

"Trading is not about learning how to win, it's about learning how not to lose"

That one line has been the backbone behind my whole trading persona.

Another big defining event in my life was very early in my City career when things weren't going too well. I was suffering from a lack of confidence due to not wanting to make any mistakes dealing with such huge amounts of money, and I was only working in the back office matching trades and doing reco's. Two traders took me aside one day and told me that they had every faith in me, that I had yet (up to that point) to make any mistakes, and that I should have more confidence in what I was doing. That day was a game changer in my life. Getting that arm around the shoulder as a youngster made me who I am today, and for that I'll be forever grateful.

I'm sure Greg has had many life defining moments. I'd imagine on his gravestone he'd have;

 "Defined and limited his risk until the final stop out" :-D

So the question to you, dear readers, is what saying or experiences have defined your life and your trading? Is there a motto or saying pinned to your wall or stuck near your monitor that you turn to in times of need?

Let us know in the comments.