Social Trading

Tradeo.com is an established a pioneer in the social trading field and allows its users to follow and copy top traders with a few clicks. This makes profiting a lot easier which means many new traders can now trade as experts do. We will explain this more below but check out how much our traders make on the table below!


Before modern computers, trading was very difficult. People had to call their brokers to manually purchase an asset and it was very slow. Moreover, individual traders had it rough because brokers wanted big trades. However, with modern computers, investors now gather in platforms like that of Tradeo.com.

Thanks to modern technology, the process is a lot easier and faster. Yet, this was true only for expert traders who knew their way in the markets. A person who wasn’t so knowledgeable was left to losing money until he learned the many paths of investing. This situation was very demotivating because people lost a lot of money.

However, this situation changed with the creation of Social Trading! Social Trading! And what is Social Trading, you may ask?

The answer is a new revolution in how the Financial Markets are approached, and Forex in particular. And now, Tradeo.com invites you to try out for FREE this unique way of profiting in the markets.

First, it’s important to know what Social Trading really is and how it works. Then you’ll learn about Tradeo’s unique history and tools.

Social Trading explained

Thanks to Social Trading, the world of investing was totally reinvented, opening the doors for many new traders. Dedicated platforms such as Tradeo.com allowed traders to profit even more by sharing their knowledge and investment strategies. The system works just like in Social Networks. Players exchange information freely with more experienced traders and copy their strategies and operations as people give sales signals on currencies, stocks, indices, commodities.

This simply means that trading has become a lot more easier, fun and social!

The Social Trading revolution came to resemble a lot how Social Networks operate but that was the intent all along: that no one, no matter how much of a neophyte was, would be left to invest alone. With Social Trading, players now trade together and have a lot more freedom to know each other.

The workings of Social Trading!

Social Trading

After registering on a Social Trading platform, investors are able to copy the same operations of those that have better performance. With Social Trading, it’s possible to trade like a pro, and many people have already made a lot of money that way.

When you open an account at Tradeo.com, you just need to make a deposit, look for a trader with high earnings (and good risk exposure), click on the copy button and set the amount you want to invest! It’s as easy as that! Now, you only need to verify your operations, which will be conducted automatically (and proportionally) without any effort on your part. The system is as intuitive as it gets.

Moreover, traders can chat in exactly the same way they would on a social network. This is the magic of Social Trading! Social Trading, and Tradeo.com is proud to be one of the most innovative platforms in the planet, having created many exclusive tools that will be presented soon.

“The advantage of Tradeo goes for both novice and advanced traders. Its tools allow people to best understand market sentiments like never before. You won’t find such useful tools anywhere else you look."

Why choose Social Trading?

Market gurus agree that Social Trading is the easiest way to start on the financial markets and profit. Though still present, risk is greatly diminished and new traders can start enjoying real trading without any prior training and by investing an amount as low as $250.

Yet, what seems to charm people more is that they get the feeling of really belonging to a community of like minded traders who are willing to help. This means everyone has equal access to valuable information, which causes a direct impact on the assets to be traded.

With Social Trading nobody needs to trade on their own. This equals a more transparent experience, where information gaps are reduced between traders. And, most important of all, it’s a perfectly legal system that’s approved in virtually every country in the world.

What’s Tradeo’s advantage?

Finally we will now explain more about Tradeo, one of the rising stars in the Social Trading! Social Trading market! Continue reading to know more about our solutions.

Founded in 2012 by a team of professional traders and financial experts, Tradeo is now based in Bulgaria, but has offices in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. The company caters to dozens of thousands of traders from all around the world, is fully registered and regulated by the Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission. Moreover, Tradeo is available in 8 languages for almost all countries in the world.

As is customary, many brokers provide different tools for traders. These are basic things, like standard market calculators, news feed, calendar events, graphs and charts, and so on. It’s not difficult to program them and that’s why every broker makes them available for free. Nothing impressive, really.

However, for a company aspiring to grow and innovate, the basics wouldn’t be enough. This is because, eventually, people learn how to trade and want to enhance their trading further. This is true both for the new learner as well as the advanced trader. That’s what we are in the market for, and it’s a respectful desire.

For this reason, Tradeo has created unique tools such as the Social Charts and Market Sentiment Graphs to track the community’s intentions on any given asset, along many other functionalities. This permits even advanced traders to have an even more accurate view of the market and, of course, earn more per trade. You won’t find these tools anywhere else so we invite you to try them for FREE at Tradeo!

What can we trade? At Tradeo, assets available range from: Forex to CFDs to stocks to commodities and indices. The number of assets offered varies from one platform to another. We must therefore choose one that offers the greatest investment opportunity. Tradeo.com includes more than 200 assets offering a multitude of investment opportunities that you won’t find anywhere else. Also, our leverage goes up to 1:200. With that, we conclude our presentation on Social Trading! Social Trading and Tradeo.com! We hope you enjoyed and if you want to know more follow us on Social Networks to discover more about the Social Trading world! With Tradeo, trading and profiting have never been so easy! Try it out, you won’t regret it.

So what are you waiting for? Join the Social Trading Revolution of Tradeo and see firsthand how