More on the ECB and lower QE amounts from January

Author: Eamonn Sheridan | Category: Central Banks

I posted this: ECB said to be considering cutting QE to 30bn a month from January 2018

More now, this via Reuters, the wire citing "sources familiar with discussion ":
  • ECB policymakers are in consensus to extend asset purchases at lower volumes in October meeting, views converge on 9 month extension
  • ECB policymakers still debate size of asset buys, see them between 25 bln and 40 bln euros per month
  • ECBs biggest debate in October will be whether to make asset purchase programme open ended or close ended
  • ECB's Draghi is seeking broadest possible consensus in October 26 decision


I posted much earlier today on comments from European Central Bank Executive Board member Benoit Coeuré

In both I bemoaned "there was no clue as to timing from Coeuré. Which is what a lot of traders are trying to divine from various comments. I guess we await Mario Draghi's advice."

This latest from 'sources' is the European Central Bank flagging possible timings/amounts (trial balloon) and gradually preparing the market.

EUR/USD is on its session low, but the range I've seen has been tiny - so in effect there isn't much response at all so far.